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We are looking for a Music Supervisor!

As per May 1st 2017 we are looking for a Music Supervisor to reinforce our team.



Reporting to the DOAR and the CEO, the Music Supervisor is a key member of the Pastelle Media team and responsible for the quality and development of the company’s proprietary music catalogue. The Music Supervisor will work closely with the A&R management and the music research department to ensure the growth, quality and diversity of the catalogue implementing a set of strategies that will increment the additions of new music on a weekly basis. The role requires a broad knowledge of the music literature and a strong ability to describe and categorize various genres, influences and current trends. The Music Supervisor should also possess a proven experience in the synchronization of music with audiovisual projects and an ability to supervise and plan post-production phases that involve the development of original music. 



Supervise and categorize the acquistion of music in the proprietary catalogue

  • Define a set of strategies to ensure quality, diversity and growth of the proprietary catalogue
  • Describe music styles and trends to a wide audience
  • Supervise the production of new music in audiovisual productions
  • Assist the distribution process of the proprietary catalogue



7+ years of proven experience as Music Supervisor, Music Publisher or Broadcasting Music Program Manager in the Music and Entertainment industry.

  • Bachelor/Master degree or equivalent degree from a higher Music Institution, Conservatory or University
  • Ability to identify and describe music to a wide audience
  • Familiar with a broad range of music styles, trends and influences on a multi-cultural and multi-regional level
  • Extensive network of music professionals, composers and recording engineers
  • Strong planning skills with ability to work under pressure
  • Highly trained in harmony and music theory. Perfect pitch is an advantage.
  • Strong musical memory
  • Knowledge of music rights, music sync placements and licensing.  
  • Track record in film music and music synchronization in media is a must.

Please submit your CV and cover letter to, including a reference list and a portfolio of previous work experiences. Sele